Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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President Vladimir Putin updated web site
President Vladimir Putin's updated web site has received a Personal page in The Head of State section, on which the President answers questions about himself, his private life, practical philosophy and personal opinions. Tidied-up and extended to two gigabytes, the site opened today. Mikhail Buben, Kremlin PR officer in charge of on-line information, addressed a news briefing on the occasion. The presidential portal's weak spot was scanty service information. Now, its section, About site, has developed into a vast service resource with detailed tips on how to use the portal. Mr. Buben highlighted the section, Appointments, with civil servants appointed by Mr. Putin enlisted on the alphabetic order. The list permanently extends, and no one is eliminated even when dismissed or shifted to another office. The updating cost close on six million rubles, roughly $200,000, on the Electronic Russia federal target program. The Communications Security Center under the Federal Security Service, or FSB, complains of hackers falling on the site by the hundred every month, said Mr. Buben. Coming back to innovations, he mentioned an animation opening, streamlined menu, and several sections rearranged. Thus, Speeches now has been divided in ten genre categories from the state-of-the-nation address to parliament to minutes. The section The President Executive Office is far larger than it was, with new pages on its duties and those of particular persons. The presidential site had a daily average 30,000 users within the two previous years, the English-language version accounting for 40 per cent of the total. The sections Photo Album and Speeches are the most popular of all. A children's site offers simple coverage of federal presidency as democratic institution, national symbols and insignia, the acting President's CV, a retrospect of Russian statehood, etc., etc. 5,000 CDs were put out carrying information about President Putin. More than a thousand of these have been distributed between Russian-based libraries, added Mikhail Buben.
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