Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Russia has started moving, thanks to the priority national projects
Russia has started moving, thanks to the priority national projects, First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an article carried by the newspaper Kommersant on Thursday. 'The work on the projects has led and will lead to various positive results. Whereas points of social development were earlier found only in a small number of regions, now the whole country is involved in the implementation of the national projects," Medvedev said. Another important result is the increased rating of "social optimism." In the period from October 2005 until October 2006, the number of citizens who believe that they will be faring worse in the future than now has dropped to 12 percent, for the first time in the past few years, while the number of optimists has begun to stably exceed 30 percent. Medvedev said the main attention, within the framework of implementing the national projects, was paid to the primary link - the basis of future development. In the health care project, it implies investments in the primary medical aid, while in education, investments are intended for schools and teachers. The project in the sphere of agriculture "gave an impulse to the development of small agribusinesses," which will provide an opportunity for everybody to have a decent income - both for workers of a large company, farmers or small individual producers. One of the acute problems is to overcome the imbalance in regional development. It is not only an economic, but also a social problem, Medvedev said, adding that "it's a problem of national security." Therefore, the national projects were viewed as a tool for leveling out the socio-economic problems. To achieve this result, the federal center had to pay increased attention to situation in regions /without re-distribution of powers/ and stimulate regional authorities' activity. "That is, one had to reinforce all the elements of state governance, which worked out successfully, on the whole," the first deputy prime minister said. One of the most important development tasks is to create "an economy of knowledge," when all economic life is structured on an intellectual basis," he went on to say. "The success of a country depends on the success of an individual, and his opportunity to realize his talent. The state should create conditions for such self-fulfilment, so that a person could find his talent and develop his creative potential," the article said. Counting on leaders is one of the key elements of the concept of national projects. They "will be the first to receive support of their efforts, which should result in a gradual quality changes in the situation in branches of the economy. "For example, the key task of the education project is to stimulate the most capable students and teachers, and expedite the introduction of innovative forms of teaching. "The project of affordable and comfortable housing for Russian citizens will give support in the first place to the municipalities and regions that are ready to invest their own resources in the solution of these tasks. Hence the emphasize is on mortgages. "Under the agriculture project, easy-term credits will be given to those who are ready for long-term investments. "Priority projects contributed to a good development rate of branches of the social sphere; this rate should not be lost," the official said. "Of course there are problems, such as imperfect mechanisms of project work, the imbalance in providing assistance to certain groups of workers or directions of activity and insufficient attention to others. There are also purely administrative problems. They should find their solution in 2007, without hampering the implementation of the existing plans. One should not stop," Medevedev stated.
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