Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Abramovich to buy Formula-1 team
The Governor of Chukotka and Chelsea football team owner Roman Abramovich is ready to spend 150 million GBP for purchase of "Giordan" team of Formula-1 race, Izvestia reports. According to British media, the deal is practically finished. Despite buying a football team, Abramovich is a huge Formula-1 lover. As soon as he becomes an owner of "Giordan", he will bring best personnel and best pilots to our team, a source in "Giordan" believes. A spokesman of the oligarh has claimed that in case the deal is a success, the Chelsea owner is ready to offer 'any money' to Michael Schumacher to get him to the team. Last December Abramovich had four business meetings with Eddie Giordan, the current owner of the team. After challenging football world and making Chelsea a superclub, the oligarh now wants to compete with "Ferrari", "MacLaren" and "Williams". Repotedly, he had discussions with three teams - "Giordan", "Minardi" and "Zauber", but decided for the first one. He allegedly wants to make a big investment into a large racing route construction in Russia. According to Lenta.ru, Abramovich has also started discussions on Italian team "Parma" aquisition.
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