Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Vladimir Putin:"Russia will do its best to make Sochi a worthy Olympic city"
Russia will do its best to make Sochi a worthy Olympic city, President Vladimir Putin said at a Tuesday presentation of the Sochi development plan. “Russia intends to spend a huge some of about $12 billion on the development of this land,” Putin said. “We will spend this money to unite people from all over the world around sports ideas.” “The money won’t be spent on cannons, projectiles, warplanes or tanks. It will be spent on gathering people from all over the planet here in Sochi and shaking hands,” he said. Russia is capable of playing host to the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) picks it, Putin said. “I have absolutely no doubts that Russia will be a worthy host if it gets the right to receive the Olympic Games,” he said.
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