Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Russia-Belarus Union
The 26th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of Russia-Belarus Union opened in Brest on Friday. "We have reached progress in the union state's integration, in particular, with the help of the Parliamentary Assembly's deputies," Russian State Duma and Assembly's Speaker Boris Gryzlov said. "However, we are dissatisfied with the speed and level of the union's formation. Further prospects of the union state depend on the Parliamentary Assembly's efficiency," he noted. According to Boris Gryzlov, deputies should take efforts to justify hopes of Russian and Belarus people. "The drafting of the Constitutional Act is a vital issue of the Union's formation. The draft submitted to the Union's Supreme Council should be finally considered," the speaker said. "If necessary parliamentarians will be ready to change to the Russo-Belarus commission on drafting the Constitutional Act to continue work on this document," Boris Gryzlov added. All in all, there are ten issues on the session's agenda. The parliamentarians will discuss the execution of the Russo-Belarus program of actions on the implementation of the Union State's agreement and measures to boost its formation. Belarus President and Chairman of the Supreme State Council Alexander Lukashenko will address the deputies. A statement on the 60th anniversary of Belarus' liberation from the Nazis will be adopted following the session.
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