Friday, November 27, 2020
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Murat Zyazikov:"Terrorists' attack against Ingushetia is an attempt to disrupt positive processes in the republic"
Terrorists' attack against Ingushetia is an attempt to disrupt positive processes in the republic, Murat Zyazikov, president of Ingushetia (a North Caucasian republic bordering on Chechnya). "I am deeply convinced that it happened in Ingushetia at this very moment, because just now, in the recent years Ingushetia has returned to Russia's legal field," said Mr. Zyazikov. "It is this very period that has witnessed creating jobs, settling the problems of all categories of refugees, including the return of the Chechen refugees to their homeland; the refugees from North Ossetia (a North Caucasian republic) are coming back, though at a lower rate than we would like to have, and, at the same time, the Russians, who left 10-12 years ago, are getting back to us," said Ingushetia's president. According to him, the republic is currently growing more attractive for investors; businessmen from Germany, Norway, Great Britain and other European countries work in the republic. "Not everybody is pleased with this, and it was the main reason for the savage raid against Ingushetia. Standing behind this are the powers displeased with the positive processes underway in the republic," Mr. Zyazikov stated. At the same time, he did not speculate as to the probable initiators of the terrorist attack. "As to the persons, who did it, it is up to the law enforcement bodies, which are conducting an investigation now," Ingushetia's president pointed out. In the early hours of June 22, several terrorists formations attacked the state authority facilities in Nazran, Karabulak and the village of Sleptsovskaya, leaving over 90 killed and over 100 wounded.
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