Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Threat of a civil conflict has arisen in Ukraine
Threat of a civil conflict has arisen in Ukraine, says an appeal to the nation that the national parliament, the Supreme Rada issued Monday. "On these festive days of the Easter, we mete out this universal appeal with a strong sense of alarm," the document says. "The threat of a civil conflict and loss of sovereignty is hovering over Ukraine. It arose from the attempts to organize a state coup disguised as an early termination of the powers of parliament." The appeal stresses the absence of grounds for President Viktor Yushchenko's decree to dissolve parliament and to call a new election. The Rada appealed to the heads of state, governments and parliaments of European countries, as well as to the countries that are guarantors of Ukraine's security, to intergovernmental and inter-parliamentary institutions. "An attempt to show a purposefully devised conflict as a strain of political struggle or effectuation of the European practice of early elections is overturned by numerous instances of neglecting the Constitution, the rights and freedoms of citizens," the appeal says. "The President conscientiously broke the constitutional boundaries. Given the risks such events pose for society, national sovereignty and the country's territorial integrity, we appeal for taking the steps that meet commonly accepted democratic values and norms of international law." The document contains a request to send official mediators and observers to monitor the ongoing events. The Rada also passed a decision to form a provisional investigating board for finding out officials at the National Security Service, who were guilty of issuing illegal orders on spying over and bugging telephones of members of parliament, Constitution Court arbiters and officials of the Central Electoral Commission.
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