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Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed the leaders of all CIS countries with congratulations upon the 62nd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany
Russian President Vladimir Putin has addressed the leaders of all CIS countries with congratulations upon the 62nd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany, the Kremlin’s press-service has said. In his message to Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko Putin said, “This memorable holiday for all of us is a token of respect for the veterans, whose unexampled heroism, displayed during World War II, attained victory over Nazism and brought freedom to Europe and the whole world.” “Memories of our common glorious history and the hardships we lived through give us a unique opportunity to jointly ensure effective and dynamic bilateral cooperation, tight interaction and partnership,” Putin said. In the message to Moldova’s President Vladimir Voronin the Russian head of state said “the heroes who lost their lives in battles with Nazi invaders were fighting for freedom, peace and security of today’s generations.” “I am certain that the historical bonds linking our peoples must be central to the joint work to advance Russian-Moldovan relations oriented towards the future,” he said. “The heroic accomplishments of the heroes who struggled through the hardships of the war years and defeated Nazism for the sake of peace and freedom will remain in people’s memory forever,” the Russian leader said in the VE-day message to Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. “The years of wartime suffering and the joy of victory caused the people of Russia and Turkmenistan to rally closer together. These days they cement the basis of the traditionally friendly and mutually beneficial relations between our states.” In the message of greeting to Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rakhmon Putin said that “future generations will always remember the great feat of the glorious representatives of our peoples, who bore the brunt of the struggle against Nazism and defended the freedom and independence of the Motherland.” “I am confident,” the Russian leader said, “that the fraternal friendship that underwent the harshest tests during World War II will remain the solid basis for the steady onward progress of our countries along the road of diversified cooperation, alliance and strategic partnership.” In the message to his Georgian counterpart Mikhail Saakashvili the Russian president said that “the memories of the comradeship-in-arms in the struggle against Nazism, for freedom and for the sake of life on Earth still remain a most powerful historical factor linking our peoples many decades after.” “On this day we revere the memory of those who perished and honor the veterans, who heroically blocked the onslaught of Nazism. We also pay a tribute of profound respect to those toilers who selflessly contributed to the nation’s war effort away from the frontline,” Putin said in the message to Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov. “In memory of their valor displayed on the battlefields, and of their feats of labor we shall keep fostering the bonds of friendship, strategic partnership and alliance between Russia and Uzbekistan, whose peoples always remained side by side, as they struggled through the years of that infernal war, and who paid such a dear price for the lives of future generations.” In the message to Azerbaijan’s President Ilkham Aliyev Putin said that in our hearts there will always live the bright memory of frontline soldiers, of factory and farm workers, and of their heroism displayed for the sake of the freedom and happiness of future generations. “The people of Russia and Azerbaijan stood firm in the face of the Nazi threat and decently coped with the hardships that had fallen to their lot. I am convinced that the fraternity baptized by fire is a reliable basis for steady progress in the development of friendly relations between our countries.” “Our peoples displayed remarkable courage, valor and self-sacrifice to defend the freedom and independence and gain a peaceful future for the Motherland,” Putin said in the Victory Day message to Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko. “The victory over Nazism – the cruelest enemy of humanity – serves as a bright example of spiritual unity for today’s generations of Russians and Belarussians.” In his congratulations addressed to Kyrgyzstan’s President Kurmanbek Bakiyev the Russian leader said that “May 9 will forever remain in history as a day of remembrance of those who perished in the struggle with Nazism and a symbol of incomparable heroism of our peoples, who fought shoulder to shoulder and excelled at work for the sake of the great victory.” The Russian leader is certain that “joint efforts to further develop and strengthen friendship and cooperation between Russia and Kyrgyzstan will be a worthy continuation of a feat by millions of our people.” To Kazakhstan’s leader Nursultan Nazarbayev the Russian president said, “We are bowing down in respect for the courage and staunchness of the millions of our people who defended freedom in the struggle with aggression and Nazi yoke. Their heroism will live on in our hearts and serve as an eternal example of courage, spiritual greatness and friendship of the people of Russia and Kazakhstan. This invaluable historical experience is a firm groundwork for the further dynamic development of Russian-Kazakh relations for the sake of well-being of future generations.” “On this day memorable for the people of our countries we pay the tribute of gratitude to those who spared no effort and even one’s life on the frontlines and in the rear to win the great victory over Nazism,” Putin said in the message of greetings to his Armenian counterpart Robert Kocharian. The Russian president expressed the firm believe that “the traditional Russian-Armenian friendship, firmed by wartime hardships and passed on to new generations, will remain a reliable basis for our relations of partnership to the benefit of both countries.
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