Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Yoko Ono exhibition will open in Moscow next month
A Yoko Ono exhibition will open in Moscow next month bringing to Russia the latest photographic project by the Japanese-born American artist, better known for her marriage to singer-songwriter John Lennon than her artwork. Yoko Ono's Odyssey of a Cockroach installation will be shown as part of Moscow's Second Contemporary Art Biennale in June, after being exhibited in London and New York City, Russian curators said Monday. Its billboard-size color photographs and towering sculptures are arranged into a phantasmagorical mise-en-scene to present modern urban life through the eyes of a cockroach. Describing the genesis of this project, Ono said: "I have taken various pictures of the city's corners and presented them from a cockroach's point of view. Through the eyes of this other strong race, we may learn the true reality of what our dreams and nightmares have created." According to NY Time Out, many of the featured images are quite unsettling as they show a bloody crime scene, a bombed-out building, a starving child, a rubbish bin overflowing with plaster body casts, a replica of a rat trap, and hundreds of old discarded shoes. The exhibition, to run in Moscow May 30 through June 24, will show Lennon's widow as a bright exponent of conceptual art, who was among the founders of Fluxus - an avant-garde movement started in the early 1960s with an ambition to fuse radical social attitudes with aesthetic practices. In the course of her long and prolific career, Ono has distinguished herself as an innovative and eccentric artist, using a wide range of media to create new forms of expression in visual arts, music, film and performance.
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