Monday, October 26, 2020
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The robbery of the Savings Bank branch in Chita has been solved
The robbery of the Savings Bank branch in Chita has been solved; five suspects have been detained in connection with the case, the press service of regional police told Itar-Tass on Tuesday. Earlier reports said one of the detainees was a security firm employee. "Interior Ministry agents and personnel of the regional criminal investigation department detained commander of the guard of a private security firm," a law-enforcement officer said. Unknown criminals in the East-Siberian city of Chita attacked and robbed the office of Russia’s Sberbank on the night from Friday to Saturday, killing two guards - Viktor Kotovsky and Vyacheslav Popov, and taking away 38 million and 690,000 roubles. The prosecutors instituted a criminal case citing responsibility for a murder contiguous with burglary. The Baikal branch of Sberbank offered a reward of up to 5 million roubles for any information that proves helpful in the investigation. Anatoly Uskov, the senior assistant of the regional prosecutor in charge of public relations told Tass earlier the teller of the banking office ran into problems while trying to get to her workplace in the morning and had to call the police to help her, since the guards who were supposed to stay inside did not answer the door bell or telephone calls. As the policemen penetrated the office, they found two dead guards lying on the floor in different rooms of the premise. Their legs and arms were tied up with an adhesive tape. Aside from the money, missing from the bank were also 250 grams of gold and 1.75 kilograms of silver. Uskov said the criminals also took away the government-licensed weapons of the killed guards - a PM pistol with 16 cartridges. The killers then made a getaway from the scene on a Toyota car that belonged to one of the guards. Its burned frame was found on the city’s outskirts later. Law enforcers admitted that identification of the criminals might be problematic, since they had snatched all the video cassettes on which CCTV cameras recorded everything happening inside the bank.
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