Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Mikhail Fradkov :"High economic growth rates is the result of competition development"
High economic growth rates is the result of competition development, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said in his opening remarks at the annual conference on international competition network on Wednesday. The government’s task is to ensure Russian economic growth “based on knowledge, high technologies and independent from world fuel prices fluctuations,” he said. “External competition is connected with internal competition,” he said. “The state will protect its economic and business freedom and ensure equal conditions for all business agents.” Fradkov recalled that Russia continues to reform its key industrial sectors. “Electric power, transport and communications are subjected to reforms and this process goes down the path of demonopolization, which strengthens competition,” he said. Over the past several years “Russia made a breakthrough in drafting a legislative base that stipulates competition,” he said. Fradkov pointed out that the law on protection of competition, land, water and forest codes and amendments to the administrative code have been adopted. “We can say that Russia has formed a legislative base aimed at increasing competition,” he said. “But still much should be done for a competitive policy. This is the task not only of the federal antimonopoly service, but also of law enforcement agencies.”
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