Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Thomas Klestil a genuine patriot of his homeland.
Russian President Vladimir Putin described late Austrian Bundespresident Thomas Klestil as a politician belonging to the entire world, being at the same time a genuine patriot of his homeland. "He always had his own vision of all issues of world politics, and a right vision as a rule," the Russian President told reporters in Vienna. Dr. Klestil was always an honorable, honest, straightforward man, and a person one could always rely on, Vladimir Putin said. "Our opinion was not always the same, but it was invariably an honest and transparent position, and any Dr. Klestil's partner had to respect his position," the Russian president went on. Mr. Putin said that Dr. Klestil was Austria's president, and respecting him one began to respect his country as well. "I have come here to offer my condolences to Thomas Klestil's relatives and to the new Austrian Bundespresident, but this was not the only reason. I want to emphasize my respect toward Austria and toward the Austrian people, underline the level of relations between our countries, and see the last of a man with whom I have been very friendly last years," said Vladimir Putin.
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