Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Russian Forbes editor Paul Khlebniko has been killed
The inquiry does not have information that Russian Forbes editor Paul Khlebnikov had ever been threatened, chairman of the Lower House Security Committee Vladimir Vasiliev told the parliament on Saturday in comment on Khlebnikov's murder. He said that the inquiry was considering two options as to why he had been murdered, one possibility being that the murder was related with Mr. Khlebnikov's professional activities. According to Mr. Vasiliev, the police said that "sufficient measures were being taken" to solve the murder. Mr. Vasiliev recalled that Paul Khlebnikov had been shot dead on Friday night from a car moving past his office. Wounded, he was able to get back to the office and tell a witness who he was and how he was shot at. "After that [Khlebnikov] lost conscience and then died of the wounds in hospital," Mr. Vasiliev said. He added that the police was to keep legislators informed. Meanwhile the car from which Khlebnikov's murderers could have shot at him was found in Moscow, an official with the Moscow state attorney told RIA Novosti. Russian Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov is supervising the inquiry.
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