Saturday, July 2, 2022
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United Russia has all committees in Duma
Representatives of United Russia party will hold all committee head positions in new Duma. The deputy head positions will also be taken by this party members, Izvestia reports. This information was confirmed by Oleg Kovalev (a United Russia member as well), the head of Duma temporary commission on procedures and organization. “Final decision about leading positions distribution is to be made on Jan., 16”, he said. “But we are ready to take full responsibility for the parliament work”. Kovalev noted that originally the quota principle was going to be applied, which means that other factions were to be offered two or three committees each. But, as Kovalev stressed, statements made by their representatives, the left wing especially, showed an obvious lack of desire to take any responsibility upon them. It is also possible that they would not be happy with the positions that might be offered. “We understand that in any case full responsibility for Duma actions will be held by United Russia, because it has the majority and has a deciding vote”, he added.
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