Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Sergei Ivanov on Tuesday expressed concern over the deficit of strategic materials
Russian First Vice Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov on Tuesday expressed concern over the deficit of strategic materials, which, in his words, puts the state security at risk. “The production of strategic materials determines possibilities of the defence sector to create modern military, civil and double purpose products, ensures absolute fulfilment of the state armament programme,” Ivanov said at a meeting of the Military-Industrial Commission that opened in the All-Russian Research Institute of Aviation Materials. “However, despite your attention to this theme, according to estimates of experts, at present the number of deficit materials for our defence sector is over 1,500 items. And this puts the defensive potential and economic security of the state in jeopardy,” said the first vice prime minister. In the words of Ivanov, the government cannot be satisfied with this situation “Despite the taken efforts, the priority directions of the resource and raw material supply for the production of modern equipment have not been formulated,” the official went on to say. “Instead of a complex approach to the fulfilment of the set task only separate tasks to create new materials are being fulfilled in practice, despite the fact that major funds have been assigned for this – 16 billion roubles,” Ivanov stressed. “It is necessary to have a system-forming base, otherwise we will not be able to secure the creation of new technologies, all this hampers modern production,” the first vice prime minister emphasised. He recalled that a decision was made in April on working out of the concept of the federal target-oriented programme for the production of strategic, deficit and import-substituting materials and low-tonnage chemistry for armaments, military and special equipment. However, the draft concept has not been coordinated with the executive power bodies to this day, said Ivanov. “Moreover, a number of problem issues related to the production of raw materials and supplies have been revealed, and this is an important issue, because part of raw materials is still purchased in CIS countries,” the first vice prime minister complained. Ivanov also called for the application in this sphere of the private-state partnership mechanism. “Investors and businesses are ready to invest own funds in the development of industrial production,” Ivanov is certain. The meeting participants considered prospects for the expansion of the production of special materials of the so-called low-tonnage chemistry used in the double purpose products. “The point at issue are principal materials that are widely used in shipbuilding, rocket building and that are more and more being applied in civilian high-technology spheres,” the official said. “We want to use the programme-target method of planning in this sphere,” according to Ivanov. “The thing is that the government has provided considerable funds of late for the development of this basic sector for high-technology military and double purpose products,” he said. He recalled that there are already programmes related to such products within the framework of the Defence Ministry, Ministry of Energy and Industry and Education Ministry. “We want to see how effectively they are being implemented and to discuss this, possibly with drafting in some time in the future of a special federal target-oriented programme,” the first vice prime minister said. He substantiated the expediency of such formula by the fact that “this is one of the system forming sectors on which the production of vary many kinds of modern products depends, including defence products,” according to Ivanov.
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