Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Over 200 buildings must be removed in the Nevelsk area
A total of 214 buildings must be removed in the Nevelsk area, Sakhalin, after the devastating earthquake that hit the area on August 2. It is 3,500 flats totaling about 150,000 square metres, the Sakhalin Region's Vice-Governor Viktor Alperovich told the meeting chaired by Governor Alexander Khoroshavin on Friday. Fourteen public buildings must be also razed. Three of them are already removed -- the Federal Security Service building, the House of Culture and a school. Fifty seven buildings, 1,850 flats or 85,000 square metres, can be repaired. First Vice-Governor Sergei Sheredekin remains coordinator of repair work in Nevelsk after the new governor took office. The region's head has given directions to accelerate the work to remove the damaged buildings (ten have been razed for the present) and proposed to use heavy machines -- bulldozers and steam shovels -- and not to use blasts. The governor also recommended to use forces of design institutes to work out a plan of construction in Nevelsk, noting that many constructions in the city's central part would be removed. It is important now to provide housing for people until the cold season comes, and then to directly settle the construction issue, Khoroshavin noted. According to the preliminary estimates, 40,000-45,000 square metres of housing can be built in Nevelsk until the end of this year, on free ground and at sites of removed buildings. Under consideration is also construction of housing for Nevelsk residents in the city of Aniva and the town of Troitskoye near Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Part of the population will receive so-called state housing certificates to buy housing. The governor also asked to complete the work to help people to move from the camp by the end of next week. The meeting noted that 50,000 and 20,000-rouble compensations for lost property are not enough. The sums set by the Emergencies Ministry in 2004 need correction to be increased. The Sakhalin Region's administration has decided to submit the issue to the Russian government's consideration.
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