Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Total of 196 buildings have been recognised beyond repair in the Nevelsk town on Russia’s Sakhalin Island
A total of 196 buildings have been recognised beyond repair in the Nevelsk town on Russia’s Sakhalin Island that was hit by a strong earthquake on August 2. Besides, it is necessary to carry out repair and restoration work in 239 apartment blocks, according to specified information of the Far Eastern regional centre of the Emergency Situations Ministry. It is planned to pull down 172 residential houses and 24 social-culture facilities. A total of 15 irreparable buildings have been demolished by now. Rescuers of the Emergency Situations Ministry have removed people’s property from 21 apartment blocks that are to be pulled down. A shift camp for 100 specialists has been created in Nevelsk that will build housing and complete the construction of earlier “frozen” seven apartment blocks with 180 apartments. Construction workers are currently repairing two secondary school buildings and three kindergartens. One tent camp with 75 residents has remained in Nevelsk. They have seven field kitchens at the site and doctors and psychologists are permanently working there. As many as 802 people, including 500 children have been evacuated from the affected area starting form August 2. Other people who lost homes found temporary shelter with their relatives or at out-of-town household plots. A joint group of forces and equipment engaged in the liquidation of the earthquake aftermath is deployed in the emergency zone. It comprises 944 personnel members and 136 machinery units, including from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry - 194 specialists and 27 machinery units. The strong earthquake on August 2 with a magnitude of 6.8 points on the Richter scale rocked southern Sakhalin. After that, 14 aftershocks were registered in the vicinity of Nevelsk; most of them had a magnitude of more than five points. The power of the shocks reduced with distance. People in the island’s major commercial port city of Kholmsk experienced the shocks of 5.0 to 6.0 points, while the regional capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk had a mere 3.0 to 4.0 points, according to Sakhalin seismologists. Two people died in the quake in Nevelsk, 12 were injured, 34 people applied for medical aid over the aggravation of cardiovascular diseases. As many as 3,242 people – over 1,600 families lost their homes as a result of the August 2 earthquake. Besides, a primary school in Nevelsk, the local recreation centre, a library, policlinic, as well as eight administrative buildings will be pulled down as they are beyond repair. Meanwhile, Russian scientists see little risk of any more strong earthquakes, stronger than the one that rocked the island last week. A special group comprising specialists of the Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Security Service (FSB) and police has been checking the work of the Sakhalin region administration, Nevelsk district, Emergency Situations Ministry and other special bodies’ officials for the timeliness, effectiveness and legality of measures taken by them in efforts to liquidate the aftermath of a strong earthquake that hit Nevelsk on August 2. The press service of the Sakhalin regional Prosecutor’s Office said that the checks are conducted in order to prevent violation of law during the liquidation of the earthquake aftermath in the Nevelsk district. The main issues are the “securing of an effective prosecutor’s supervision over the timely and full taking by the Sakhalin region administration and administration of the Nevelsk district of measures for the protection of social rights of citizens in an emergency, over proper spending of funds allocated for the purpose of restoration efforts and provision of social aid to the quake-stricken population. The regional Prosecutor’s Office has asked residents of the Nevelsk district to immediately report facts of violation of rights and interests of citizens that were affected by the natural calamity. Meanwhile, enterprises of Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and municipal areas have been dispatching to Sakhalin metal ware, cables, nails, construction materials and other products as relief aid. In particular, 5,000 heat radiators have been delivered to Nevelsk from the Khabarovsk heating equipment plant. The gathering of clothing and footwear, sleeping gear and other prime necessities for the residents of the earthquake-stricken town was underway.
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