Monday, June 27, 2022
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Over 15 million rouble have been transferred to the accounts of people affected by a devastating earthquake in Nevelsk
Over 15 million rouble have been transferred to the accounts of people affected by a devastating earthquake in Nevelsk. There are 16,500 people in the city and over 15,000 of them have been paid an allowance of 1,000 roubles, the regional administration said. Over 850 specialists, 35 trucks, 22 bulldozers and excavators, two cranes, and six tower vehicles were involved in the reconstruction work in Nevelsk on Monday. They demolished one damaged residential house. Of 250 buildings subject to demolition, 28 buildings have been torn down. The restoration of the buildings that withstood the earthquake that registered 6-7 on the open-ended Richter scale is underway. Builders are repairing four residential houses, two schools, one kindergarten, a maternity and an infection disease departments at the central hospital. The earthquake left about 7,500 residents of Nevelsk homeless. In order to provide them with new housing, it is necessary to build 64,000 square metres of housing in Sakhalin. The construction of 12 prefabricated houses has already begun in Nevelsk. Over 100 families will move into these houses. Regional authorities have guaranteed new housing to the quake victims. The housing norm will be at least 18 square metres per person if there are three members in a family. A single citizen will be entitled to 33 square metres of total floor space and a two-member family will be provided with 42 metres. The same standard will apply to all residents of Sakhalin and the Kurile islands if they lose their homes in an earthquake or other natural calamity. Sakhalin region Governor Alexander Khoroshavin has signed a relevant resolution. The document is based on the Russian government’s Resolution of July 7, 2007 “On State Housing Certificates Issued to Russian Federation Citizens Who Have Lost Abode in Natural Calamities and Emergencies.” A strong earthquake hit Nevelsk on August 2 leaving 7,500 people without shelter. The earthquake in which Nevelsk was hit the worst had a magnitude of 6.8 on the Richter scale. After that, 14 aftershocks were registered in the vicinity of Nevelsk; most of them had a magnitude of more than 5. The power of the shocks decreased with distance. People in the island’ s major commercial port city of Kholmsk experienced the shocks of 5 to 6 points, while the regional capital Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk had a mere 3 to 4 points, according to Sakhalin seismologists. Two people died in the quake in Nevelsk, 12 were injured, 34 people applied for medical aid over the aggravation of cardiovascular diseases. Besides, a primary school in Nevelsk, the local recreation centre, a library, a policlinic, as well as eight administrative buildings will be pulled down as they were damaged are beyond repair. The earthquake caused irreparable damage to 221 apartment blocks and 29 other buildings, all of them will be torn down. As many as 914 people, including 507 children, have been evacuated from the quake-hit region since August 2. Other people, who were had lost their houses, are staying at temporary accommodation facilities or are living with their relatives. Meanwhile, 12 Nevelsk residents returned to their apartments from holiday homes. At present, 121 people, including 113 children, have already returned to their houses. Since August 2, 914 people have been evacuated. Over 1,000 repeat earth tremors have occurred in Nevelsk since August 2, the press service of the Sakhalin regional department of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said, referring to new data from the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Seismic stations have registered 25 aftershocks and about 10 of them had magnitudes of over 5 on the Richter scale. The seismic activity in the Nevelsk area is now higher than the intensity of tectonic cataclysms in the area of the Simushir Island of the Kurile chain. A total of 798 aftershocks have been registered there since November 15, 2006 after a 7.8-point earthquake. The strong earthquake in Nevelsk was triggered by the earth crust movement in the Tatar Strait on the coast of which the town stands. The epicentre was located four kilometres from Nevelsk. According to scientists, there was a tsunami wave up to two metres high after the earthquake; it reached the Japanese Hokkaido Island.
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