Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Russia’s embassy in Paraguay will open at the beginning of next year.
Russia’s embassy in Paraguay will open at the beginning of next year. Paraguay’s Foreign Minister Ruben Ramirez Lezcano said on Thursday an agreement to this effect was part of a joint statement signed upon the end of the talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. “It was confirmed that the embassy will open early 2008,” the Paraguayan foreign minister said. His Russian counterpart recalled that Russian-Paraguayan relations had a long and eventful history and were developing well. “We share many views regarding world politics and cooperation within the framework of international organizations. There are opportunities for building up trading and economic relations and countering modern threats. All this requires regular diplomatic contacts,” he said. Lezcano said the declaration stated Paraguay’s readiness to recognize Russia as a market economy. “Paraguay has arrived at the conclusion that the Russian economy has every element a market economy should have, and we shall be prepared to make corresponding statements to the international instances concerned,” he said. “We are very pleased the government of Paraguay has recognized such a clear fact as the market status of the Russian economy,” Lavrov said. “I am certain that our trading and economic relations will have far more opportunities and directions than there have been so far.” The two countries have agreed to pay greater attention to investment cooperation and to encourage cultural, humanitarian and sports ties. “We are hoping the embassy will open soon and we shall take active steps to this end,” he said. Lezcano said the joint statement signed also concerned the export of Paraguayan meat to Russia, which is the biggest importer of this product. For his part Lavrov voiced the certainty that the question of future meat export and quotas will be resolved by the two countries’ experts before long. Last year Paraguayan providers used a mere third of their quota. Lavrov invited them to decide if this mechanism should stay in effect further on or be canceled. “As soon as they have made up their mind, it will be possible to find mutually acceptable solutions at the level of experts. Apart from the joint statement Lavrov and Lezcano signed an agreement on cooperation between the diplomatic academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the diplomatic and consular academy of the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry, and a memorandum of understanding between the Russian Health and Social Development Ministry and the Paraguayan Ministry of Health Care and Social Welfare on cooperation in the sphere of health protection and medicine.
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