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Sergei Ivanov arrived in Nakhodka to hold on Tuesday a meeting of the Marine Collegium.
First vice-premier Sergei Ivanov arrived in Nakhodka to hold on Tuesday a meeting of the Marine Collegium. The key item on the agenda is development of seaports. Ivanov plans to inspect personally implementation of the Russian president’s instructions, the head of state gave during his visit to Kamchatka this September. Questions of strategy of developing ports and port infrastructure, investments in construction of terminals in the Baltic, Murmansk and in the Far East came under discussion also at the meeting of the Russian government on September 20. It is planned that the State Duma will examine the following two bills even by the year-end: ports and free economic zones at ports which will also cover airports. There are eight major ports in the Primorye Territory and over 100 companies, rendering port services. Dozens of enterprises and organisations in the territory have their own piers. In the opinion of the Russian president’s representative in the Far Eastern Federal District Kamil Iskhakov, the structure of handled cargoes at the Vladivostok merchant port is far from optimal. “We import much, and this is not a subject for joy. Our money works for well-being of other countries. “Earlier, we avalanched all with our metal. Now we import even channels,” the representative noted in an interview with reporters on the eve of the meeting of the Marine Collegium in Nakhodka. He noted that ports are “a litmus paper” of a correct economic course, adding that he intends to examine the structure of cargo flows and use these data to prove the Russian government correctness or erroneous nature of the economic course. For their part, cargo carriers are dissatisfied with high charges. For instance a container carrier has to pay 29,000 US dollars for a call at the port of Vostochny, while South Korean Pusan charges only 9,000 dollars from a similar ship. Loading and unloading services are also very expensive. This makes many companies turn to services of firms, having no port status, but offer lower tariffs. These enterprises operate without any control from the state: nobody sees to it to safety control measures, ecological legislation and implementation of technological processes. The clearing of ships at Nakhodka takes as much as three times longer than in foreign ports. According to president of the Nakhodka Base of Active Fishing Company Anatoly Kolesnichenko, one man clears a ship’s call at Singapore, while in Nakhodka, this is done by borderguards, medics and other specialists. As a result, the clearing takes two and even more days. In Nakhodka, ships have to pay several port charges if they are loaded, in turns, at all the four ports – Vostochny, fishing, merchant and oil-loading, while foreign ports take only one charge. Nevertheless, cargo turnover at Primorye ports is on the rise. The Vladivostok port breaks records: it handled 2,875,400 tonnes of cargoes over the past eight months, which is nearly 70 percent of the annual plan of the enterprise. The port has container and car terminals. The port recently built a ten-story parking lot for second-hand cars, imported from Japan. Plans provide for construction of a passenger terminal, reconstruction of bunker oil tank farm and reconstruction of two piers for handling containers. The port’s main partners are enterprises in Asia-Pacific countries. Building materials, specialised machinery and ferrous metals are the main items of export-import. Construction of a loading terminal for the East Siberia-Pacific oil pipeline in Bay Kozmino, next to the Nakhodka port, is among positive elements in Far Eastern developments. The terminal will load 50 million tonnes of oil annually. Reconstruction of the Nakhodka oil tank farm is in progress. It is expected that its cargo turnover will reach 20 million tonnes annually, while the annual cargo turnover of all Nakhodka may jump up to 100 million tonnes.
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