Friday, October 7, 2022
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Atomic Energy for Iran
Russian Minister of Atomic Energy Alexander Rumyantsev will hold talks with Iranian leaders in Teheran in the second half of February about the situation with the construction of the first power unit of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) of Iran, Nikolai Shingaryov, official representative of the Ministry of Atomic Energy told Itar-Tass on Thursday. According to his information, “agreement about it was reached at a meeting of Alexander Rumyantsev and Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Golam Reza Shafei.” According to his information, initially Rumyantsev intended to visit Iran in mid-January, but postponed the visit because of the recent natural calamity. Russian and Iranian officials are going to discuss at the forthcoming talks “ways to speed up the building of the Bushehr NPP. Probably, an additional protocol on the return of the used nuclear fuel to the intergovernmental agreement about the building of the first Iranian NPP will be signed,” Shingaryov continued. At present assembly and adjustment operations are coming to a close at the construction site of the first power unit of the Bushehr NPP. The power unit “is ready by 90 per cent,” Shingaryov added. According to Shingaryov, “the TVEL Company of Russia produced nuclear fuel for the reactor of the first power unit. It will be delivered to Iran immediately after the signing of the protocol on the return of the used nuclear fuel to Russia.” According to his information, during the meeting of Rumyantsev and Golam Reza Shafei, “the Iranian embassy expressed gratitude to the Atomstrojexport Company of Russia for helping the victims of the recent earthquake in Iran.” The representative of the Ministry of Atomic Energy explained that when the news came about the earthquake in the city of Bam, Iran, Atomstrojexport, which is the general contractor for the building of the NPP in Iran, purchased and turned over to Iranian officials 1,000 tents for quake victims. “Russian specialists building the Bushehr NPP raised 10,000 dollars for the quake victims among themselves,” added Valery Govorukhin, deputy minister of atomic energy and state secretary of the ministry.
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