Friday, August 14, 2020
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Aseptic meningitis is rampant in Novosibirsk
There are 250 cases for today-200 of them below 14 years of age, reports the epidemiological board of the regional sanitary inspection. 170 patients-140 of them under age-are in city hospitals. Twenty children and five adults were put to hospital today alone. None of the patients are in fatal danger. Roughly 60% are medium severity cases, when hospitalized. Many patients have been released from hospital to convalesce at home. Children have the disease in a milder form than adults, and rehabilitation takes them a mere week, say doctors. The epidemic forced municipal authorities to close down three children's summer camps in the city environs. Health inspectors are thoroughly checking all children's vacation facilities before a third, August shift of holidaymakers arrives. Water tests spotted enteroviruses in the Ob reservoir sewage. Experts tracked down the epidemic to reservoir swimming and substandard drinking water. Sanitary inspectors have banned bathing and swimming in children's camps within the problem area. The regional sanitary inspection and the Novisibirsk-based Vector center of virus and biotechnological studies expect to identify the virus before August 10.
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