Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Kamchatka prosecutors to sue governor, deputy, mayor
Besides Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Mayor Yuri Golenischev, Kamchatka prosecutors may also sue Governor Mikhail Mashkovtsev and his deputy Vladislav Skvortsov for foiling the heating season on the peninsula. “The final decision on the case will be passed in a month”, regional prosecutor Alexander Voitovich told a press conference Friday. The criminal case against the governor and his deputy in charge of communal services was launched in October for “inflicting damage to the budget worth 140 million rubles” by misusing the appropriations. In contrast to the case of the governor and his deputy, prosecutors have already completed investigation of the case of Mayor Golenischev, who is accused of similar misuse of budget funds and abuse of office. The case comprises 20 volumes and Voitovich believes it will take Golenischev maximum a month and a half to study it. Voitovich specified the mayor, if found guilty, will face up to seven years in prison. Golenischev has been already suspended from office and his first deputy Anatoly Shaleyev is now in charge of the city.
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