Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Sergei Ivanov :"The history of the Soviet Union and Russia knows no real attempts to seize nuclear weapons or commit terrorist attacks on nuclear facilities"
"Unfortunately, there is a myth made up in certain parts of the world that Russian nuclear weapons are not protected qualitatively and sufficiently. We are paying careful attention to this issue because Russia understands its responsibility in protecting nuclear weapons and preventing accidents," said Ivanov. In his words, new equipment has been recently purchased to protect nuclear facilities and prevent accidents. "Terrorist methods are updated, and we are reacting adequately," said the defence minister. "Exercises are regularly held in different parts of the country to repel potential attacks on nuclear facilities, and measures are trained to eliminate consequences of the accidents," said Ivanov. The testing range in Olenegorsk is hosting an active phase of the Avaria-2004 exercises. During the exercises, an attack was imitated on a convoy transporting containers with nuclear ammunition. The attack was repelled by two helicopters from the air and on the ground. Then, the durability of the super-containers was checked. The cars carrying them were burnt, blown up with anti-tank mines, and shelled from grenade launchers and automatic weapons. The containers passed the durability test. Monitoring groups and brigades preventing contamination of the environment are heading for the site. In the end of the manoeuvre, the defence minister presented the most prominent participants with awards and memorable watches
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