Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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The endorsement by the State Duma of amendments to the law "On Mineral Wealth" will simplify the procedure of giving licenses for its use
The amendments adopted on Tuesday by the lower house of parliament in the second reading, the ministry points out, stipulate, in particular, shorter time limit for considering application for taking part in the auctions on the use of natural resources. They also suggest the cancellation of the "two keys" principle according to which permissions are issued by the federal bodies and the authorities of the constituent members of the Russian Federation. The draft law stipulates that from now on the decision of issuing licenses for the use of natural resources will be given by the commission, which will include representatives of the federal body and the administration of a corresponding member of the Russian Federation. According to the amendments, the right to dispose of the sections of the mineral wealth of internal sea waters of the territorial sea and continental shelf of the Russian Federation will be exclusively within the terms of reference of the federal bodies of executive authority. The deposits of widely spread mineral resources and the sections of mineral wealth of the local importance are within the competence of the executive authority of a constituent member of the Russian Federation. The timeframe for considering the applications for the participation in the auction to receive the rights to use mineral wealth has been cut to 45 days. At present it is 3-6 months. In addition, the draft law suggests the transition from licensing on the basis of the list of mineral wealth sections, which is approved by the federal body. This means the transition from the application system of giving the sections of mineral wealth for using to the program one. Earlier, natural resources minister Yuri Trutnev declared that the ministry plans by the end of September to prepare the first wording of the draft of the new law on "Mineral Wealth".
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