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Baikal-Amur RR construction began 30 years ago
The construction of the Baikal-Amur main line began 30 years ago. On January 9, 1974, a train carrying builders crossed the Lena River in the area of the city of Ust-Kut and moved east. Later, in early May, a Communist Youth League group arrived there to build the road. But the work began that winter. Bulldozers brought trolleys through taiga to the place where builders were to construct the first station Zvednaya of the western section of the line called Northern Transsib. All the country knew about it soon. Many thousands of builders worked there, and ten years later, traffic opened along all the 3,500-kilometre main line from the Lena to the Amur. A month ago, the last BAM construction was completed and opened for traffic -- the Severomuisky tunnel, Russia’s longest. Thirteen to fourteen pairs of trains, including those carrying passengers on the Tynda-Kislovodsk and Severobaikalsk-Moscow routes, run along the road daily, the Eastern Siberian railway department, the Russian Railways company's branch, told Itar-Tass. The transportation volume is increasing. About 12 million tonnes of cargoes were transported along the route last year.
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