Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decree "Issues of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation"
The Kremlin press service said the provision on the Defense Ministry has been approved by the decree. According to the document, the Defense Ministry is allowed to have four deputy ministers, including two first, as well as four chiefs of Defense Ministry services enjoying the rights of deputy ministers. Besides, the maximum number of the ministry central staff has been determined - 10,350 people, said Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. "This is less than 0.5% of the whole staff of the Defense Ministry," said Mr. Ivanov. He said the General Staff retains the coordinating role in the construction of the country's whole military organization. Deputy ministers who lost their posts will head new services of the Defense Ministry. In Mr. Ivanov's words, services on accommodation of troops, staff and morale, as well as the financial service are created in the ministry. Earlier, the Defense Minister had ten deputies. Mr. Ivanov said that the two first deputy defense ministers, in line with the provision on the ministry, include one chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, and the deputies include a logistics chief and an armaments chief. Mr. Ivanov added that in accordance with the provision, it is allowed to have a staff of the Defense Minister, who will provide it with objective information and give the financial-economic and political basis for adopting decisions. Speaking about the function of the General Staff, the minister explained that with the General Staff's key role retained, some economic and staff departments, which earlier were part of this structure, are transferred to the central staff.
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