Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The CSKA- Chelsea match will take place
The CSKA- Chelsea match, about which the Russian club's president, Yevgeny Giner, and British team owner Roman Abramovich have talked for so long, will take place. This was announced after the draw from the Champions League in the Hall of Princes of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco yesterday, reports Vremya Novostei. Perhaps, it would be pleasant for the Russian owner of Chelsea to look at the CSKA emblazoned with the Sibneft logo, as he heads the company that is the club's official sponsor. However, it will be difficult for TV viewers to watch this match because the teams have practically the same strip, which coincides even in details. The teams also have a great deal in common apart from the uniform, the newspaper notes. Chelsea is Britain's richest club and CSKA Russia's. Mr. Giner often visits London to watch Chelsea play from the club owner's box, while Roman Abramovich often return visits to see CSKA (Central Army Sports Club). UEFA intends to launch an investigation to establish the true relations between Roman Abramovich and CSKA. Under its rules, one person may not own two or more clubs.
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