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Hostage Taking in Russia
1995: On June 14, 1995 in the afternoon, a group of gunmen commanded by Shamil Basayev invaded the town of Budyonnovsk in the Stavropol Territory and captured several buildings, including the town hospital. The terrorists claimed ceasefire in the Chechen Republic and later, declaring an amnesty to all members of illegal armed formations, and holding an election in the republic. As a result of the terrorist operation, 130 civilians, 18 policemen, 18 soldiers were killed and over 400 wounded. They kept hostage about 2,000 people. Only a part of the gunmen were arrested, and Basayev hid in Chechnya. Now he is internationally wanted. 1996: On January 9, a group of gunmen (according to some data, up to 300 men-strong) commanded by Salman Raduyev captured a hospital. The terrorists required that federal forces be withdrawn from the Chechen Republic. Later, the gunmen moved to the village of Pervomaiskoye, where the hostage-release operation was carried out. As a result, 78 policemen, soldiers and civilians were killed. About 2,000 people had been kept hostage. The gunmen released most of them a day later. Salman Raduyev managed to flee to the Chechen Republic. He was later captured, tried and later he died in prison. 2002: On October 23 in the evening, the terrorist group of Movsar Barayev took hostage over 800 people in the Dubrovka theatre (including 80 foreigners). The terrorists demanded to withdraw federal troops from the Chechen Republic. During the hostage release operation the terrorists (32 men and 18 women) were eliminated and 128 hostages (including 8 foreigners) were killed or later died in hospitals.
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