Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Netherlands' foreign minister demanded from Russia explanations
The statement of the Netherlands' foreign minister, in which he demanded from Russia explanations in connection with the tragic events in Beslan, seems blasphemous, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov disclosed in Cairo. "The Russian government was grateful to all states and international organizations, which expressed their condolences and offered support in connection with the outrageous terrorist attack on the school in Beslan. The EU expressed the same feelings," Mr. Lavrov said. "However, we were astonished with the statement of Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot, who demanded from the Russian government explanations in connection with the tragedy in Beslan," he said. "The tragic events in Beslan were broadcasted live all over the world and the reports from the scene of the terrorist attack leave no doubts that the massacre was initiated by terrorists, who couldn't sustain the strain any longer," Mr. Lavrov noted. "In this situation, when the Russian government stated that the top priority was to save the lives of the hostages, especially children, Mr. Bot's statement seems blasphemous," the Russian foreign minister stressed. "I do not want to suspect him of siding with such activists as Akhmed Zakayev, who found a soft spot in London and disclosed today that the Russian government was to blame for the tragedy in the North Ossetia. The explanations must be demanded from the EU countries, where such terrorists as Zakayev entrenched themselves," Mr. Lavrov said.
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