Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Rizhskaya underground station blast
A young man who was in an extremely grave condition after the blast near the Rizhskaya underground station died last night in the Sklifosovsky first aid hospital, the Moscow healthcare department said on Monday. "The man who was in an extremely grave condition died last night. Thirty-three people are staying in hospital now: 17 men, 14 women, and two children," said Lyubov Zhomova of the department. In her words, six wounded people are in a grave condition, 15 are in a moderately grave condition, and 12 are in a satisfactory condition. According to earlier reports, doctors had struggled for the life of Alexei Belyayev for six days. His death added to the death toll of the terrorist act near Rizhskaya on August 31. As of today, ten people died and over 50 were wounded.
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