Saturday, September 24, 2022
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An 18 year-old British teenager Amy Robson
An 18 year-old British teenager Amy Robson fled her home in the village of Beaumont in northwest England to marry her 30 year-old Egyptian boyfriend, the Egyptian daily al-Gomhuria said on Wednesday.

The couple married on December 1, after the girl had spent eight weeks in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, searching for her boyfriend and earning money doing temporary jobs.

The love story began last April, when Amy fled to the Red Sea resort of Hurghada to marry a boat hand she became acquainted with a year early, but fell in love with Internet cafe owner Mohamed El Sayed.

"It was love at first sight," she said later, adding that they decided to marry the same day.

But her parents did not feel the same and alerted the local police. Mohammed was sent to prison on kidnapping charges and Amy was taken back to the U.K. by her parents - electrician James, 43, and teacher Janet, 33. All contacts with her Egyptian boyfriend were banned.

"I really did try to forget him when I came home, but no one I met after returning to Britain could compare with him," the girl admitted.

On September 28 the girl pretended she was going to college, but instead caught a train to London and bought a one-way ticket to Egypt, using money saved from her college allowance. Her parents had to address the police again, as the girl refused to return home.

After searching for her boyfriend for two months Amy met him in the street.

"He hugged me and told me he'd missed me so much. The minute I saw him I knew I was still in love with him and he told me he still loves me," the girl said, adding that they married the same day.

The couple had to spend their first night as man and wife in a room adjoining the Internet cafe and now live with Mohamed's parents. This week they will hold their second official wedding ceremony.

"I feel so happy now. I wish my parents could understand, they think he is not a good man but he is the best man I've ever met," she said.

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