Monday, May 23, 2022
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Czar of Russia is back
A gold diadem will be brought from London to Moscow on Monday for an expert evaluation. Its owner Marchioness Sara Milford-Haven, who lives in London, is going to sell the diadem. She has agreed to its evaluation by Russian specialists. The curator of the project of repatriation of the valuable, Marina Guseva, said the diadem would be examined not only as a jewel, but as an object of historical and cultural value for Russia. “ We plan engaging leading Russian specialist for the expert evaluation, and the heiress, marchioness Milford-Haven agrees to sell the relic at a price that the Russian experts will determine,” Guseva said. The author of the project is Russian businessman Artyom Tarasov, who has guaranteed the safety of the diadem in Russia by his property in Britain. He said he was going to solicit money in Russia if the price proved very high. If this plan is successful, the “relic will be turned over to one of Russian museums,” Tarasov said. The diadem encrusted with precious stones was fashioned by court jewellers as a symbol of romance of a grandson of Russian Emperor Nicholas I and a granddaughter of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. They married in 1891 in the Italian city of San Remo, but the Romanov dynasty found the marriage unequal and demoted the young grand duke from service. The couple went to Britain, where Queen Victoria bestowed on them the title of Earls de Thorbie. The owner of the gold diadem, which encrusted with rubies and brilliants, could have had it dissembled into gracious brooches and hairpins. According to the dynastic legend, the heirloom must find its way to Russia
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