Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Terrorist attacks in Beslan, which shook Russia and the world, are done by terrorists
It is an established fact that the recent horrible terrorist attacks, which shook Russia and the world, were not the actions of separatists fighting for secession or a special status for Chechnya. It was part of a new kind of war, and the US, Europe and many countries in Asia and the Middle East have become involved. Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the US, many common elements of the tactics and objectives of terrorists have been noticed. Unlike "traditional" terrorists (ETA and the IRA) who represent separatist movements, these terrorists are not demanding anything or seeking compromises, and it is impossible to come to an agreement with them. They simply strike the least protected and most vulnerable place in any country - even countries with highly developed economies and civil societies - and expect a specific reaction: fear, panic and economic turmoil. We are dealing with amoral fanatic zombies with suppressed survival instincts. Those who are fighting for the independence of their people would not take over 1,000 children and their parents hostage in a school, humiliate them for 52 hours, detonate bombs over their heads and shoot the fleeing children in the back. If these are "Chechen rebels" fighting for the independence of Chechnya and its secession from Russia, they should think about how the international community would regard them if they attain their goal. The terrorist seizure of the school in Beslan, the downing of two Russian passenger airliners, the train bombings in Madrid, the bombing of a disco in Bali, Indonesia, and the many things that are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan are battles in a global war waged by international terrorism against the global civilization. And the goal in this war is not the independence of Chechnya or Palestine. It is much more ambitious - the destruction of the "false system" of global evil symbolized primarily by the US and Israel, though Europe, Russia and many other countries are part of it. International terrorists are waging this war to destroy the Euro-Atlantic civilization, and they will not accept any other result. International terrorism has no borders or nationality. It is indicative that the bandits who took the children hostage in Beslan were not all Chechen - at least half were Arab and there were some Slavs too. No country can buy an indulgence to protect it from terrorist attacks, not even France, which was the most vocal opponent of the US invasion of Iraq. Two French journalists were taken hostage by Islamic radicals, as a protest against France's domestic laws. In other words, terrorists will always find a pretext for their heinous actions. International terrorists have shifted their attention to Iraq and Russia, which is logical. Russia, a nascent state with weak democratic institutions and a high level of corruption, appears to terrorists as an easier and safer scene. Those who killed our children in Beslan wanted to provoke a new ethnic conflict in the Caucasus. International terrorism aims at initiating a sanguinary chaos in Russia, pitting nations and religions against each other. The development of events by this scenario would mean the collapse of political stability in the whole of Europe, at the very least. So, whether you like it or not, Russia and Europe are doomed to many years of a common struggle against a ruthless and strong enemy. From the point of view of Western security interests, Russia is vital. Therefore the West should want Russia to be strong and stable, if only because one terrible day these "rebels" may appear in the streets of a European capital or on a Western airliner. Then, the West will have to start calling them by their proper name: terrorists.
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