Friday, February 3, 2023
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Kyrgyzstan's President Askar Akayev:"About the Future with Optimism"
About the Future with Optimism: Meditations on Foreign Politics and on the Way the World Should Be is the name of a new book by Kyrgyzstan's President Askar Akayev. He was introducing a Russian-language edition to the public in Moscow today. The Diplomatic Academy under the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the gala. Whatever problems the contemporary world may be facing, the human race is getting ever wiser and has learned to rely on the sum total of its experience for practical action, said President Akayev, and exemplified his point by United Nations activities. The UN is starting its 59th session in New York City. He will come out during the event in support of the Organisation hand in hand with Russian delegates, pledged the President. As Mr. Akayev has it in his book, "the world anti-terror coalition must have a real global scope, in terms of membership. The present-day anti-terror coalition promises to become its part and parcel. As I see it, the United Nations should be entitled to a central role in leading global anti-terror arrangements." The author describes the UN as the best-tested instance of global patterns, concerning membership and a global purport of tasks it is entrusted with, and is tackling. "Terrorism is looming nowadays over every part of the world. In fact, it is on every home's threshold. He who hopes to sit out the siege engages in wishful thinking," points out Mr. Akayev. He is sure his country will be a scene of the Great Powers' teamwork, and they will never clash over it-suffice it to mention two Air Force bases now present in Kyrgyzstan, a Russian and an American. Their presence has not produced whatever tensions in Russian-US relations or in Kyrgyz relations with Russia or the USA, remarks the President. He is sure countries like his can make a beneficial impact on Great Power policies. A widespread prejudice suspects the USA is out to oust Russia from Kyrgyzstan and entire Central Asia. "Luckily, practical decision-making in politics belongs to people whom ideology has not blinded," stressed Askar Akayev. He turned to Sino-Kyrgyz relations, with their background of 22 centuries, or even longer, to point out their current promising trends. "China is our good neighbour and friend," emphasised the President. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan needs a long-term programme for multilateral commercial and other economic ties. Priorities should belong here to pioneer projects in transport, power industry, joint fuel extraction and transportation, health services and farming. As current global developments show, security will retain a key part in the routine of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, said Askar Akayev. "At the same time, as I see it, we ought, and have every chance, to extend its activities to economic partnership. We cannot afford to waste the opportunities granted us by geographic closeness and similar aspects of our economies, which can supplement each other. Economic contacts on the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation promise to powerfully cement a security basis as we establish it on a regional and a global scope," he stressed.
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