Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Vladimir Putin allows for no concessions to terrorists
"One should by no means yield to the delusion that if we make some concessions to terrorists, we shall thus be able to bargain in our favor and they will finally leave us in peace. Every new concession leads to ever wider demands on their part and multiplies losses," the president said when addressing city mayors' summit in Moscow. "I am urging you to recollect the lessons of history-the year 1938 and the Munich conspiracy. Naturally, the situations are different if we measure the scale of consequences after World War II. Still, there are similarities as well," added Mr. Putin. "We are busy now in Russia preparing preventive action against terrorists, which is however in strict compliance with the Constitution and international law," continued Mr. Putin. "The tragic events in Beslan and Jakarta, Madrid and Moscow, Istanbul, New York, Washington and other cities of the planet confirm the idea that terrorists are united in a worldwide network," said the president of Russia. "Terrorism can be defeated only if the efforts of the world community are untied in a resolute action." In the opinion of the president, the measures that have been taken until recently were inadequate to the scope and destructive potential of world terrorism undermining the very foundation of our civilization.. "In order to combat terrorism, we have to mobilize all the resources, provided by the government, society and individuals in each country as none is insured against terrorist attacks," said Putin. He made a reminder of Russia's long-standing warnings against such a danger, which had been often ignored. "Moreover, we used to face double standards in the assessment of terrorism," went on the president. This tendency disastrous for peace and world security has not been fully abandoned, according to Mr. Putin. "There are attempts to divide terrorists into 'ours' and 'alien', into moderates and radicals, thus actually leaving loopholes for terrorism, loopholes suitable to mould public opinion. There is still the condescendingly justifying attitude towards the murderers, which is akin to complicity in terrorism," claimed the president. "Enforcement of public security is not only the duty of governments of all levels but also the main criterion applied to judge the efficiency of officials' work," he added. Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude for aid being sent to Russia from abroad in connection with the Beslan tragedy. "I want to thank all the residents of world capitals and megapolises whom you represent for support and compassion," the president said at the mayors' summit. "We regard this as evidence of solidarity in light of the common threat of terrorism," he concluded.
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