Thursday, March 4, 2021
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The State Duma plans to approve emergency measures for combating terrorism
The plenary session of the Lower House on September 22 will be devoted to security. Colonel General Vladimir Vasilyev, chairman of the Duma security committee, told RIA about the details of the agenda. The forthcoming plenary session of the State Duma will discuss only anti-terrorism draft laws. Many ministries and departments have submitted their ideas on the issue. In particular, the Justice Ministry, the FSB and the Office of the Prosecutor General drafted a law on combating terrorism. The deputies will also discuss the creation of a parliamentary investigation commission, which will investigate, above all, the circumstances created by the terrorist attacks on board the two planes and in Beslan, North Ossetia. It will determine if the law enforcement and security services and operations staffs did everything possible in each particular case. The security committee has been charged with establishing a special commission for the North Caucasus, which will not just analyse the situation in the region but also decide what the state should do to protect its citizens from terror. The Lower House of the Russian Parliament will discuss at its autumn session the draft federal law on the participation of Russian citizens and public and state-public associations and organisations in ensuring law and order. Many citizens are ready to protect law and order in volunteer groups, Cossack troops and student teams. The deputies will outline their functions and powers, and the protection of such volunteer defenders of law and order. The list of draft laws on national security also includes the idea of the Duma defence committee that capital punishment should replace life sentence for terrorists. The voters are sending their opinion supporting the idea but some deputies are against lifting the moratorium on capital punishment. Yet life itself forces us to resume discussions of this issue, though we have not come to a common opinion on it so far. The motive of some officials and deputies is apparent; they call for taking the life of those who take the life of our children. Maybe we should introduce life sentence without the right of pardon for killers and suicide terrorists. The plenary session will show which of the two opinions takes the upper hand. One thing is clear, though - the time has come to create legislation for a maximally effective struggle against terrorism in Russia. The deputies also plan to discuss a package of draft laws on the migration of persons who can pose a terrorist threat. In particular, the branch committees of the House will analyse the issues pertaining to the safety of air flights and land transportation. We may also cancel the simplified procedure for the issue of powers of attorney for automobiles, as criminals frequently use them to carry explosives and a simplified procedure creates conditions for keeping the real identity of perpetrators secret in case of terrorist acts.
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