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The 11th specialized oil & gas show has opened Tuesday in Tyumen
It has brought together over 300 oil and gas producing companies, including 9 foreign producers. Pavel Mitrofanov, First Deputy Governor of the Tyumen Region, said at the opening ceremony that the show was a significant event for the region. "In the first quarter of 2004, companies in Tyumen's mechanical engineering industry manufactured 4.5 billion roubles' worth [the U.S. dollar currently buys about 29 roubles] of products to satisfy the needs of the oil and gas sector," Mitrofanov said. It is noteworthy that the equipment manufactured by the Tyumen region's industrial complex reflects all the phases of oil and gas production, from exploration and development of hydrocarbon reserves through to refining and pumping of output. "I believe that thanks to this show, cooperation between oil and gas producers with local companies will become more fruitful," Tyumen Mayor Stepan Kirichuk said. The show's subject matter can be divided into several groups: oil and gas prospecting geology and geophysics, equipment for the development of oil and gas deposits, the drilling of oil wells and gas boreholes, techniques and technologies for the production of natural gas and petroleum, crude oil refining, and petrochemistry, the construction of facilities for the oil, gas and oil-refining industries, and measuring equipment for oil production, refining and transportation facilities. Conferences and seminars on problems of interest to specialists of the oil and gas industry will be held on the sidelines of the show, to run through September 24.
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