Thursday, March 4, 2021
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The Moscow Prosecutor's Office has inspected private airports
The inspection revealed that anyone could hire a plane for only $100. It takes a few minutes to get to central Moscow from any of the airports located near the city. Mini aircraft may fly at an altitude of 150 meters and can therefore be unnoticed by anti-aircraft defense systems, which does not allow to prevent terrorist acts, writes Rossiiskaya Gazeta. Moreover, private planes base at numerous sites that are not fit for the purpose. The Federation of Aviation Aficionados (FAA) registers such "parking lots" as airfields ignoring the relevant state register. The FAA has some authority of control over private aircraft, which was delegated by the transport ministry. The federation has even begun registering private planes and helicopters issuing state registration numbers. They are accessible to anyone. Minor aircraft have appeared en masse in the Moscow region as a result, and it is impossible to check all of them. The majority of airfields do not have security services, while available services are unable to ensure the safety of their aircraft fleets and airfields. Hijacking a plane or a helicopter at such an airfield is easier than stealing a car from a parking lot. There are thousands of private-owned aircraft in Russia, and their number is continuing to grow dramatically. Difficulties in exercising control over private aircraft made Moscow regional prosecutors close down all private airfields around the city temporarily.
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