Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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The next flu pandemic may break out in 2047
The next flu pandemic may break out in 2047, professor Yuri Gendon, expert with the All-Russia Health Organization and the research institute of viral chemicals of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, told a RIA Novosti press conference on Wednesday. "I believe that the next H2N2 flu pandemic may break out in 70 years after the previous one when our generation will be no more immune to it," the professor said adding that the last pandemic was fixed in 1977. According to Mr. Gendon, everyone failed to prepare anti-viral vaccines in time during flu pandemics. Speaking about the possibility of global distribution of bird flu, Yuri Gendon said that a global epidemic is likely to be caused by a human virus. People with immunity system defects usually catch bird flu. The federal service for control over the observation of human rights and people's welfare forecasts that if a pandemic breaks out in Russia, 60 million flu cases, 30 million visits to polyclinics, 500,000 hospitalizations and 200,000 lethal outcomes should be expected in this country. "Flu and acute respiratory viral infections account for 95% of infectious diseases," professor of Russian Medical State University Olga Shamsheva said. According to her data, about 4.5 million people annually die of these diseases across the world, while only 3 million die of TB. "We believe that anti-flu vaccination should be included in the national vaccination calendar in Russia as its was done in the United States," the professor emphasized.
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