Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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The Russian Security Council is working on a new concept of national security
The Russian Security Council is working on a new concept of national security, said SC Secretary Igor Ivanov. The previous concept was adopted in 2000 and was successful, he said at a Wednesday press conference in Moscow. "We face new threats that demand new approaches," stressed Mr. Ivanov. He said the Security Council plans to conduct work on preparation of a new concept "maximally openly, with participation of experts and civil society representatives." In particular, in his words, work will be conducted in the form of round tables, one of which will touch upon the basic elements that define national security at the modern stage. Mr. Ivanov said a threat level warning system, similar to the American one, may soon appear in Russia. "This is on the agenda. The main thing is to define the criteria of this or that level of threat, give them precise characteristics," he said. Mr. Ivanov said the Security Council works on the preparation of the so-called mobilization plan. "I speak about it as of a certain set of necessary measure in conditions of a terrorist threat," he explained. In his words, this term has been taken from civil defense for "more clarity." "It is in no way connected with the military threat, and could be named in another way, but all structures, from those at the bottom to the main ones, must clearly see what they should do in this situation," said Mr. Ivanov. In his opinion, the latest developments showed that Russian structures are not ready yet for such actions. Mr. Ivanov noted active cooperation of Russia and Israel in the fight against terrorism. In his words, Israel is one of the states which has a structure similar to Russia's Security Council. "We study the experience of Israeli colleagues' work. I have met for a second time with the Israeli National Security Council secretary, and it took place on the instruction of Premier Sharon, who instructed his secretary of the National Security Council to inform us of the situation in the Middle East and the plans the Israeli leadership will realize in the Gaza Strip, and of how these measures are connected with the realization of the road map," said Mr. Ivanov. "Israel expressed solidarity with the Russian people in the wake of the latest terrorist acts and its readiness to interact with us at all levels, including at the level of special services in countering the countries that render assistance to terrorists," said the Security Council secretary. In his words, the talks also touched upon the issues of WMD proliferation, including in regard to Iran's nuclear programs. He said next week the Palestinian prime minister will come to Russia, with whom he intends to meet and discuss the situation with the road map and the fight against terrorism. The Russian Security Council Secretary expressed regret that the Georgian Mze TV company gave airtime to leader of Chechen militants Aslan Maskhadov. "I speak not about the ethics but about elementary human feelings. Imagine your neighbor is in grief, and a toast is pronounced to the one who brought this grief," said Mr. Ivanov. He believes this position is unworthy of any person, and, in his words, was never welcomed in Georgia. Mr. Ivanov called on journalists to display human solidarity.
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