Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Russia expects Iran to fully comply with IAEA demands
Russia expects Iran to fully comply with IAEA demands and a new UN Security Council resolution, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

"We are counting on the Iranian leadership to thoroughly analyze the statement of the Iran Six foreign ministers together with the contents of the adopted resolution, and to make a decision that complies with the IAEA and Security Council's demands," the ministry said in a statement.

The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Monday imposing a third round of economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. The resolution was passed with 14 votes in favor. Indonesia abstained from voting.

Under the new sanctions, the accounts of certain Iranian companies and banks will be frozen, and goods leaving and entering the Islamic Republic will be subjected to inspections. In addition, travel bans have been imposed on five Iranian officials involved in nuclear projects. The resolution also bans the sale of 'dual-use' items that could be utilized by Iran for military purposes.

Iran has 90 days to comply with the new resolution.

"The resolution is a serious political signal to Tehran, urging the Iranian leadership to cooperate with the UN Security Council and to comply with decisions adopted by the IAEA Board of Governors," the ministry said.

The diplomatic standoff between Iran and the West began almost six years ago over suspicions that Tehran was secretly developing atomic weapons. Tehran has always maintained that it needs nuclear technology for electricity generation only. Two rounds of UN sanctions have been previously imposed on Tehran - in December 2006 and March 2007.

Russia stands for an "innovative" approach to negotiations with Iran, and is willing to maintain, together with the other Iran Six members - Germany, France, the U.S., Britain, and China - a serious and constructive dialogue with Iran on its nuclear program in order to clarify all remaining controversial issues, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Tehran denounced the current and previous resolutions as a violation of international law. It also sated that it would not comply with the new resolution.

"The UN Resolution 1803 is politically motivated. This document is unacceptable [for Iran] and we will not comply with it," Allaeddin Broujerdi, the head of Iran's parliamentary committee on foreign policy and national security, said on Tuesday in an interview with the Iranian Students' News Agency.

The decision by the UN Security Council to impose a new round of sanctions came despite a report by the U.S. intelligence community late last year stating that Iran had ceased attempts to produce a nuclear weapon in 2003.

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