Friday, January 22, 2021
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Vladimir Putin:"Attempts to flirt with terrorists and double standards are unacceptable"
"Attempts to flirt with terrorists and double standards are unacceptable," President Vladimir Putin said at a ceremony where eight new ambassadors to the Russian Federation submitted their credentials. "International solidarity is needed." "Not only the neutralization of terrorists is important," he said, "their political lobbyists and ideologists should be completely isolated." This approach underlies Russia's antiterrorism initiatives that were submitted at the United Nations General Assembly, he said. "Terrorists are trying to destabilize not only countries, but entire regions," he said, "exert influence on geopolitical processes, set nations against each other and are parasites on social problems." Terrorism is detrimental to every aspect of life and every state, he said. "This is why we are not tired of saying that fighting it [terrorism] requires a common effort," he stressed. "Historical experience has shown that nobody can lie low in the trenches," he added. Accepting the credentials from the eight new ambassadors of Peru, Chile, Zambia, Rumania, Nigeria, Bolivia, Ecuador and Spain, the Russian president noted that they would begin work in a difficult time. "The international community and we in Russia have come to face the sharp intensification of international terrorism," he said. In this connection, the Russian president once again thanked the leaders and citizens of the countries the ambassadors represent for their solidarity in the tragic events in Beslan.
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