Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Gorshkov Aircarrier to be sold to India
Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov arrived here today with a promise to deliver a completely revamped aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov to India before 2008, as the two countries were all set to sign the 1.5 Billion US dollar deal tomorrow. "The shipment of the Gorshkov complete with its armaments, along the lines of the proposed agreement, is expected before 2008," he told reporters on arrival here on a three-day crucial visit. Heading a delegation of top officials and captains of armament companies, Ivanov said his country wanted to go beyond arms buyer-seller relationship to joint production in development of futuristic weapons systems. Though Ivanov was tighlipped about the sale of Nuclear capable long range T-22M3 bombers and nuclear submarines, a note circulated by Russian officials claimed that Moscow was prepared for a three billion dollar comprehensive package deal to include leasing out of two Tupolev-22 long range maritime bombers, A-50 Awacs aircraft and cruise Missile fitted with conventional warheads. However Russian Interfax agency travelling with Ivanov quoted him denying speculations that Russia would sell nuclear submarines to India. "No documents on any submarines will be signed," the agency quoted the Russian Defence Minister as saying.
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