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Illustrious surgeon Fedor Uglov has just celebrated his 100th birthday
Professor of the Ivan Pavlov Medical University in St. Petersburg, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Lenin Prize winner, he has been in active medical practice for 75 years now to get into the Guinness Book of Records. The Moscow-based Rossiiskaya Gazeta is offering an interview with Dr. Uglov on its website. He met its reporter with an amazingly strong handshake. "I've lost none of my grip! To demonstrate it has been one of my best little pleasures for these ten years," laughed the birthday boy. Dr. Uglov does not need to practise surgery now-he has a flock of pupils, who are coping fine, but many patients want none but him to operate them. He made his latest operation a few months ago, March 31, to be precise. The centenarian is in the best of health. "I got through my portion of illnesses when a young man," he chuckles. He never uses any medicines, and has an old folksy way of curing his chills-an ice-cold shower. Age is a relative category, he is sure. "I have every chance for good health. I've never had a drop of liquor or a cigarette, so I feel thirty if a day. I think I can last another fifty years." Teetotallers' League President, Dr. Uglov is a workaholic. He rises at half past seven, and goes to bed, midnight, "and never a catnap! I go to my desk the instant I leave the dining table. I write books and articles, and consult my doctor colleagues." Exercise is the best way to keep fit, and nothing helps him better than a walk in the forest. He enjoys cooking, and eagerly does household jobs for his country cottage-chops firewood, and cleans off snow in winter. Heredity is a tremendous influence, still it's personal disposition and nurture-not-nature that brings healthy longevity, he is convinced. Be sure of a long and industrious life ahead, and you will live it. Keep off fear and anguish, love beauty, and have gripping pastimes, and you'll make a longliver. "Despondency, malice, avarice, and evil unto others are as poison. They make one a decrepit oldster ahead of time," says Dr. Uglov. Emilia his wife is thirty-two years his younger. They got married more than forty years ago. Dr. Uglov was 66 years old when Grigory his youngest child was born. The Uglovs have three daughters, a son, nine grandchildren, and seven great-grand. "My mother, a rustic woman, often said to me, 'Do good! When you do someone a good turn, forget it at once, and the good will repay'," he reminisces. Fedor Uglov has ten thousand surgical operations on his record. One of them, of 1947, was unprecedented and never repeated. He removed a thigh tumour weighing more than 29 kilograms. The patient's thigh and a part of the pelvis had to be amputated, too-but the man survived, even after losing 40 per cent of his weight. Doctor Uglov offers you his many years' daily ration. A cup of tea or coffee with no sugar starts his day at nine. A boiled egg and eight prunes for lunch at eleven. 200 grams of boiled lean meat with 100 grams of raw vegetables-carrots, cabbage and a cucumber-and an orange or tangerine at 2 p.m. A thirty gram slice of cheese and an apple do him for a five o'clock. The day finishes with a glass of yoghurt at 8 p.m.
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