Monday, November 30, 2020
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Russia's President will pay a first-ever official visit to Brazil
It is scheduled for in between November 10 and 20. Mikhail Fradkov, Russia's Prime Minister, made the announcement while summing up for the media his negotiations with Jose Alencar, Brazilian Vice-President. They met on a bilateral high-level cooperation commission. Today's session took stock of commission achievements, and discussed preparations for President Vladimir Putin's visit. "We were debating bilateral trade, other aspects of economic partnership, ties in high-tech and other industries, the treaty and other legal bases of Russo-Brazilian relations, and the ways to enlarge the export/import commodity assortment," said Mr. Fradkov. "There is sufficient political goodwill underlying our contacts. Now, we must work to make our economic potential bring fruit," added Brazil's Vice-President. There is a burning bilateral issue with a Brazilian meat import embargo. "We agreed to go on searching for settlement. I think we shall eventually come at a mutually acceptable solution of the problem. On the one hand, Russians are not to suffer with Brazilian animal diseases. On the other hand, we have bilateral trade to think of," pointed out the Russian Prime Minister. Suspended imports are due to sanitary reasons alone, he added. Both countries' Agriculture Ministry experts have discussed the issue. "Russian veterinary services' spokesmen had their say, and I think we can now arrive at a settlement to satisfy either Party," Mr. Fradkov went on. Brazilian commission members addressed today's session to propose setting up a joint meat-packing venture. "We are ready to debate the prospects," reassured the Prime Minister
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