Friday, September 30, 2022
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The 17th Russian Antique Show has opened at the Moscow House of Artists
According to the Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily, the main thing that makes it different from the previous antique shows is that antique dealers bring West European paintings to Russia without any customs duties imposed on them. Until October 31, all connoisseurs of old art will be able to see at the Russian Antique Show the best works from museum collections, those of antique dealers' associations and private collections. A selection of paintings by such well-known masters as A. Bruegel, Dirk Maes and Garbrandt van den Eijkhaund, which has just been brought to this country, promises to be most interesting. Antique dealers can feel easier now that they do not have to transfer nearly a quarter of the cost of the masterpieces brought to this country to the state treasury. They can use the released funds for making new purchases. For the first time a conference entitled "Capitalization of the Art Market: New Possibilities" will be held within the framework of a Russian Antique Show. The conference will be attended by art collectors, government officials, bankers, insurers and art critics. The two major constituents of the Antique Show at the Moscow House of Artists are the richest collections of arms and Soviet paintings. Even though a high demand for Aivazovsky's works is invariable among wealthy Russians, more and more buyers are interested in the art of the Soviet period. Therefore, the organizers expect a boom around excellent works by Aristarkh Lentulov and Alexander Drevin and also around the displays called "From Suprematism to Constructivism" and "The Museum of Irrelevant Art" (paintings and drawings of the 1950s and 1960s), and Nikolai Krymov's drawings. A display of a "Private Collection of Arms in Pre-revolutionary Russia" will be of special interest
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