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Britain-s Queen Elizabeth arrived in Germany
Britain-s Queen Elizabeth arrived in Germany on Tuesday hoping to cement reconciliation after World War Two but plans to hold her first state dinner in a palace used for Hitler-s propaganda stirred up a row. Germany-s top-selling Bild daily asked ?Whose idea was this?¦ after it was announced that the dinner would be held in the Berliner Zeughaus, a 17th century palace used by Adolf Hitler to praise Nazi war heroes. ?Will the queen lose her appetite?¦ it went on. Bild stirred controversy last week when it asked whether the queen would apologise for the World War Two British bombing of Dresden in which at least 35,000 people were killed just three months before the war-s end. But to show it was also interested in reconciliation, the paper printed a handy ?Do and Don-t guide to meeting the queen¦. ?Do wait for her to address you and then call her ma-am. Don-t talk about her children or give her violets.¦ It also translated a few handy phrases into Berlin dialect for any locals lucky enough to fall into conversation with the monarch. ?Excuse me your majesty. What a lovely car if I may say so¦, publishes the Daily Times. According to SBS News, after landing at Berlin-s Tegel airport, the monarch went directly to a meeting with the German president Horst Koehler which was followed by talks with Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. In a trip aimed at highlighting post-war reconciliation between the two countries, Queen Elizabeth made her next stop at Germany-s central Neue Wache war memorial where she laid a wreath and called for remembrance of the suffering of both sides during World War II. The 78-year-old sovereign is also to attend a benefit concert in capital performed by the Berlin Philharmonic, the proceeds of which are going towards the restoration of Dresden-s Frauenkirche destroyed in 1945 by Allied bombing. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II laid a wreath at Germany's national war memorial and urged remembrance of the suffering of both sides in World War II during a state visit Tuesday that underlined the two countries' postwar reconciliation. President Horst Koehler received the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, at a state dinner. The British and German leaders praised their nations' close relationship, and called on their people to look beyond old stereotypes, tells the Seattle Post.
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