Monday, January 24, 2022
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President Bush:"America is in need of unity and longing for a larger measure of compassion"
President Bush's campaign won re-election through the strategic gamble that there was more to gain from galvanizing conservatives and stressing moral issues than from reaching out to centrist voters. The election swung on Ohio-s 5.8 million voters. In what proved to be a pivotal endgame decision, the Bush-Cheney campaign refocused on the Buckeye State in the last two weeks, visiting it on seven of the last 12 days prior to the election. Previously, Mr. Bush had paid more attention to Pennsylvania, visiting it more than any other state since he took office. Pennsylvania ultimately went for Kerry. Ohio lost one-fourth of the nation-s manufacturing jobs v 230,000 since Mr. Bush took office v yet even there 23 percent of voters said morality was the most important issue in determining their vote, second only to the economy, informs CBS News. According to the NYTimes, ending one of the bitterest campaigns in American history, Senator John called on fellow Democrats today to remain committed to the ideals on which he campaigned. "Our fight goes on to put America back to work and to make our economy a great engine of job growth,'' he told supporters in Boston, running through a host of issues that included affordable health care, the environment and equality. And even as he called on his supporters to "bridge the partisan divide,'' he had a message for President Bush ."America is in need of unity and longing for a larger measure of compassion,'' he said. "I hope President Bush will advance those values in the coming years.'' Mr. Kerry and his running mate, Senator John Edwards, made appearances at Boston's historic Faneuil Hall about two hours after Mr. Kerry telephoned Mr. Bush at the White House to say he had decided not to challenge the results in Ohio, where a slim margin and thousands of uncounted provisional ballots could have become to this election what Florida's butterfly ballots and hanging chads were to the election of 2000. "He said, 'Congratulations, Mr. President,' '' Mr. Kerry's press secretary, Stephanie Cutter said. She described the conversation as "courteous'' and said that Mr. Kerry had told the president it was time to "unify this country.'' Mr. Bush's presidential press secretary, Scott McClellan, characterized the call as "gracious." Mr. Bush - who stayed up until 5 a.m., checking the returns and conferring with aides - is expected to deliver his victory speech shortly after 3 p.m. It's the end of a long campaign trail for Republicans and Democrats. President George W. Bush won the electoral vote and swept the popular vote by a margin of around three million. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Kerry supporters wondered if Ohio's provisional ballots could make the difference. "We had some of that here, people that are not registered to vote, went into the polling place and they issued them a provisional ballot. Those ballots will be disqualified because if you're not registered you can't vote and that's going to happen in Ohio," said Bob Smith, Onondaga County Republican Committee Chairman. Many waited up late into Tuesday night for election results that didn't come. Voters finally found out who would be President around eleven o'clock Wednesday morning. News 10 Now's Sarah Sevier tells us when the official word came down that President George W. Bush would serve another term, there was mixed reaction. Smith says to have taken Ohio Senator Kerry needed around 94% of the provisional ballots to be valid and all votes for him. "We should have spent more time in Ohio. They just didn't get it there I guess, but it shows how divided we are. The rural counties there voted 75 to 25 for Bush, in the cities Cleveland and Columbus it's more 55 to 45 for Kerry," said Robert Romeo, Chairman of Onondaga County Democratic Committee. Kerry said the writing's on the wall so he won't tie up the country in a legal battle. "It was something he probably had to do. I feel bad for him he did a good job but the campaign was getting a little tiresome but we have four more years of Bush and we have to live with it," said Ann Baniak, Voter. Members of the Syracuse Peace Council rallied Wednesday saying Kerry should have waited for final numbers. They say even though Kerry's conceded the race they won't be satisfied until every single vote's been counted, publishes News 10 Now.
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