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Accident at the Balakovo atomic power plant
The Balakovo Prosecutor's Office has instituted criminal proceedings on charges of the dissemination of deliberately false information about an accident at the Balakovo atomic power plant, senior assistant to the Prosecutor of the Saratov Region (middle reaches of the Volga) Nina Gellert said on Monday. "Unidentified persons reported about a large technogenic disaster with the discharge of radioactive substances into the atmosphere. These reports created panic and a threat for the health of people who started to add iodine, designed for outward application, to their meals. As a result, about ten people were hospitalized," Gellert said. On Monday the department for high-profile cases of the Saratov Region Prosecutor's Office initiated proceedings on the criminal case due to its high public resonance, added the assistant. The second unit of the Balakovo atomic power plant was disconnected automatically on November 4 after a leak of clean desalinated water designed for steam generators' feeding. On the night of November 5-6, the energy unit was switched on again after short-term repairs. "The station worked and continues to work safely; the radiation background in the area of its location did not exceed and does not exceed normal figures typical of the European part of Russia," the station's public relations center reported. Last Saturday Saratov Region minister for civil defense and emergency situations Alexander Rabadanov said that according to his information, "a certain person calling himself a representative of the regional civil defense and emergency situations department rang up regional enterprises and higher schools recommending people to put on a bulky dressing and take iodine.
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